Hitting the Bull’s Eye

Bull's Eye

Birthstone: Gemini & Leo

Even though there is no mention of the bull’s eye stone in any of Agatha Christie’s books there is still a lot of mystery around this gem. 

Bull’s eye (as well as variations such as tiger’s eye or falcon’s eye) is one the ancient talisman believed to be powerful and reverend as the all seeing and all knowing eye. This mineral is fairly rare which adds value to the items made out of this gemstone. In the past it was believed that the stones have magical properties that protect people from evil forces and spirits as well as death and wounds. That's why many warriors and soldiers used it as an amulet. Bull’s eye was also considered as a stone of success and wealth and the one that attracts happiness, brings optimism, and joy. Knowing for how many centuries this stone was used in making jewelry, amulets and talisman makes one assured of its magical power.  

The bull's eye is believed to help alleviate pain in the joints and back. As a matter of fact we’ve recently got a testimony from one of our customers who told us that his back pain is a lot better since he started wearing one of our tiger eye men's bracelets. It also might help those suffering from acid refluxes and stomach problems.

But of course the main reason to wear garments made out of the bull’s or tiger’s eye stone is because it’s just such a pretty gem! Coming in a variety of colors - from warm dark brown to tiger yellow to blue - it always draws attention. Our collection offers a few simple string unisex bracelets, a yoga rolling strings, a couple types of earrings and necklaces. Like this one for example. 

Common sources of tiger's eye include Australia, Burma, India, Namibia, South Africa, the United States, Brazil, Canada, China, Korea and Spain. It’s so nice to see Canada among the countries where this beautiful stone is found. Actually we are in the process of finding local suppliers to include locally sourced gems into our collection. Stay tuned for the updates :) 

I heard Poirot murmur beneath his breath: "Ah, c'est comme ça! " Then he said aloud, with his usual uncanny luck in hitting the bull's-eye (he dignifies it by the name of psychology): "Then you are without doubt already acquainted with Lady Yardly, or perhaps your husband is?"

- Agatha Christie, The Adventure of the “Western Star”



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