The Affair Of The Pink Pearl


BirthstoneGemini, Cancer, and Scorpio

Agatha’s beloved detectives Tuppence and Tommy Bereford had 24 hours to locate the fabulous pink pearl in The Affair of the Pink Pearl. Where did they find it? At the costume ball, at a bohemian restaurant, or was this precious stone the cause of a brutal murder?

Pearls are believed to be connected to the lunar cycles and help balance the human body’s natural rhythms and hormone levels. This stone will bring you inner wisdom and help strengthen and nurture the growth of pure love. They enlighten the mind and inspire positive vibes, acting as a guiding force that helps you figure out how to love yourself more and, in turn, love others more, as well.

Pearl enhances feelings of good will and positivity. It calms and soothes emotions while heals the negative inner voice. ​Pearls are the preferred jewelry for brides because they are believed to be an insurance for a happy marriage.

Pearls are globular cysts of calcium carbonate that form within the tissues of molluscs as a protective coating. However, most pearls on the market today are cultured by inserting an artificial irritant into the mollusc shell to create the pearl. A little tip here—you can easily find out whether the pearl is natural or man made by gently running it against the edge of a tooth. Cultured and natural pearls will feel slightly rough, like fine sandpaper, and the imitations will feel as smooth as glass because the surface is moulded or painted on a smooth bead.

Cultured pearls come in many shapes and colors. The most popular pearls are white with hints of pink or grey, or iridescent black with tones of green blue or violet. Some of the common shapes of pearls are round, oval, or rice. Pearls are an enduring staple of jewelry design, so check out our collection of garments made out of natural pearls to test its powers for yourself!

Or... maybe you are like Tommy and Tuppence Beresford—restless for adventure and want to uncover your own mysteries. May the power of pearls be with you!

“And they had no idea that they and many others were automatically pronounced deadly dull solely on that account. Only by the young of course, but then, they would have thought indulgently, young people knew nothing about life. Poor dears, they were always worrying about examinations, or their sex life, or buying some extraordinary clothes, or doing some extraordinary things to their hair to make them more noticeable.”

—Agatha Christie, "The Complete Tommy And Tuppence"

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