A Caribbean Mystery of a Coral


Birthstone: Libra & Scorpio

Imagine Miss Marple, everyone's favorite charming sleuth from Agatha’s books, is wearing a string of red corals on her neck as she talks to a retired colonel. Enjoying a beautiful Caribbean sunset, she gently touches the polished surface of the stones to calm the boredom that is coming from the conversation. As she drowns out his mumbles, Miss Marple's senses heighten as she realizes a deadly mystery being uncovered right then and there in the tropical waters—a place where corals grow.

Unlike the majority of gemstones which are of mineral origin, coral is organic. This gemstone is formed by living organisms branching antler-like structures, created from coral polyps, in tropical and subtropical ocean waters. While the coral polyps die, the hardened skeleton remains, which is the material used as the gemstone. Today, coral is found only in tropical to subtropical saltwater environments, growing in places like the Red Sea, the Midway Islands, the Canary Islands, the Taiwan and Malaysian Coast, the coast of Australia, Italy, Sardinia, and Hawaii regions. 

The majority of corals are white, but the ones used for jewelry often bare other colors like orange and red. Interestingly enough, the color known as “coral” derives from the typical pinkish-orange color that of red coral gemstones despite the fact that most known corals are actually white!

Coral is a gemstone associated with diplomacy and concurrence. It quiets harsh emotions and brings peace to its owner. Coral helps develop intuition and imagination. The gemstone is also believed to be an amulet for students as it expedites and accelerates the transfer of knowledge. Coral strengthens the circulatory system and the bones while stimulates tissue regeneration and blood cells. It is a beloved gemstone of jewellers around the world and has been used for jewelry making for centuries. Indeed, you can see those beautiful beads in the pieces of royal garments, around the necks of celebrities, and on the wrists and fingers of style-conscious women around the globe. They bring tropical warmth to the coldest places, sharing Caribbean mystery with its wearers :)

“'The truth is, that one doesn't really know anything about anybody. Not even the people who are nearest to you...'

'Isn't that going a little too far-exaggerating too much?'

'I don't think it is. When you think of people, it is in the image you have made of them for yourself '”

—Agatha Christie, "A Caribbean Mystery"

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