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Amazonite Earrings

Birthstone: Leo


Imagine, you are playing bridge with some of your friends and out of nowhere, one of them dies! You look closely and realize that they forgot to wear their Amazonite necklace today. What a shame.. things could have ended differently for them had they only remembered! After all, this ancient gem is able to calm the wearer, ensuring that they are always thinking as rationally as possible. This feature of Amazonite jewelry is strongly linked to its soothing light green color. However, the power of this color is also a reflection of those who wore it- the strong and influential women of the Amazon. What’s more is that the Amazonite stone is known as the Stone of Truth, which makes it a key crystal for integrity. Since it does empower those who wear it, they become more self-aware, allowing them to take on their full truth with open arms. In addition, since both aptitude and intuition become balanced by the energy of the Amazonite stone, those who wear it are able to dig deep spiritually to begin their healing process. After all, this stone helps people remove their emotions so that they can speak their true ideas and opinions, allowing them to live their lives as honestly and happily as possible.

This turquoise-green gem can be worn as a bracelet, necklace, and earrings, making the Amazonite stone a very versatile accessory. It pairs well with neutral colors such as beige and brown as well as classics like black and white. Indeed, it will bring your outfit just the pop of color that it needs to make you feel your best. Therefore, the next time that you plan on playing bridge with some friends, you might want to double check to see if you are wearing your Amazonite jewelry as, otherwise, your outfit will not be complete!


“Oh, my dear friend, it is impossible not to give oneself away - unless one never opens one's mouth! Speech is the deadliest of revealers.”
― Agatha Christie, Cards on the Table

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