Dead Man's Amethyst

Amethyst Bracelet

Birthstone: Aquarius and Sagittarius


Going to play a game about murder is all fun and games until the party turns into an actual crime scene! Imagine how things would have played out if everyone had worn some Amethyst jewelry! Indeed, while this purple crystal is absolutely stunning, it also offers some of the strongest powers to help calm the mind, body, and soul. In addition, it is known to regulate evil intentions, which could have easily changed the course of events during this game night! It could have also warned the party goers from attending in the first place as it facilitates intuition. By being able to listen to your gut, however, the Amethyst rock also helps people work more efficiently that way they do not have to stress as much whenever they are going out and about their days outside of work. In other words, Amethyst vibrations allow the wearer to have full control over their thoughts and emotions, guarding them against negative energy that way they can fulfil their duties to the utmost of their capabilities. This way, anxiety is no longer an obstacle either. After all, they did not name Amethyst the Stone of the Mind for no reason!

We love wearing Amethyst necklaces, bracelets, and earrings when we go out as we have the most fun with the clearest minds! This beautiful purple stone goes really well with clothing that has some gold or silver tones. However, if your goal is it to look like the most majestic person in the room, we recommend wearing gold. We promise that you will not regret this combination the next time that you decide to go to a game night, too! In addition, this is the stone that you should go with if you are looking to take your look to the next level. After all, nothing screams luxury as loud as Amethyst does!


“If the foundations are rotten - everything's rotten.”
― Agatha Christie, Dead Man's Folly

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