The Mysterious Affair at Nephrite

Nephrite Earrings

Birthstone: Taurus


Today is a day like no other. You are awakened by the warmth of the sun caressing your face and by habit, your hands come up to your face, rubbing your eyes open. You pull your eyelids apart as your eyeballs start tearing up from the bright light of the sun. In a sleepy haze, you pass by your Nephrite gems and trudge off only to discover that the owner of your country manor, Essex, has died! Your knees grow weak and you collapse. There’s a good reason you always wear these gemstones—they give you the strength you need to overcome even the most difficult obstacles in life. 

Some of the many metaphysical properties that the Nephrite gemstone boast include strength, balance, and peace. Named the stone of kidneys, derived from the Latin lapis nephriticus, it is also often believed to be able to cure kidney stones. This is because many believe that it stimulates white blood cell production, helping out the immune system. In addition to being able to mentally and physically assist the wearer, this gemstone holds exquisite beauty. In fact, while the western world ogles over diamonds, the eastern world obsesses over Jade, which brings us to our next point. 

Nephrite is actually a type of Jade, consisting of Actinolite and Jade. This stone is dense; therefore, it is one of the more robust gemstones out there. For this reason, Chinese artisans worked with this gemstone back in the day. Additionally, it is often a deep green color, typically darker than that of Jade, but you can find it in other colors, too, such as black and grey, to name a few. 

This rich, green gemstone has natural tones to it, complementing all face shapes and colors, making it the perfect stone for earrings. We recommend wearing it with neutral colors, to keep a consistent style throughout your look. That being said, it won’t blend in with the rest of the outfit as its color is very pronounced, bringing the whole look together. Therefore, if putting on Nephrite jewelry becomes a part of your daily routine, make sure you don’t pass by it if you not only want your outfit to be complete, but also if you don’t want to fall at any obstacle that may get thrown your way!

"Instinct is a marvelous thing. It can neither be explained nor ignored."
 Agatha Christie, The Mysterious Affair at Styles

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